19 October 2009

Cherry blossoms are always in season

I've been getting a little bit of flack for the length of my posts lately, so, I'm sorry if this blog has been a great burden on your literacy and attention span.

(See what I did there? Yeah, I pulled a Pepsi.)

But, to show that I can take a little constructive criticism, (and because I was already going to do this anyway), let's try something a bit different this time around.

As I mentioned a few posts back, my friend Outi J. was kind enough to help me put the decal I bought for my living room. It was a process.

We began with a blank canvas:

Cut once, measure twice, right? We moved this around a couple of times before getting started:

We have lift-off! This seemed a lot more exciting before we had done any of the branches:

It's a good thing real trees don't actually grow like this. Also, note the yellow squeegees.:

More branches! Getting them to line up was a challenge:

Done! This picture is horribly blurry, mainly because I lost interest in trying to get the top piece to match up. You can't even tell, can you:

Look! Petals! That I had the privilege of putting on one by one, and then rearranging when I got frustrated by how much it didn't look like the picture on the website. Note that I have taped up said picture at this point, so much rearranging and gnashing of teeth has already happened:

Getting this to look like these petals were actually being blown by the wind was a challenge. One that I had not yet succeeded at:

I took some time off, and spent the next two weekends sticking petals to my wall until I got fed up:

After three weeks, I had something to show for myself:

And to think, I'd been worried about not having enough petals:


Julianna said...

it's even more beautiful in person!

Wise Decor said...

OMG! cherry blossoms are so cute! I'm actually thinking of doing that in my room.Love it!Thanks for sharing.Keep us posted.