04 May 2009

25 letters?

Let me begin this post by saying that I am very much an Apple fangirl.  They make shiny, pretty things that perform beautifully and simply.  They're also a lot of fun.

This story begins a few weeks ago (as usually).  I was getting drinks with a friend, we were chatting about music.  He mentioned an upcoming concert at Boston's newest music venue: The House of Blues.

It got me thinking about how rarely I go to concerts anymore (remember that Ted Leo adventure? Yeah.)  I decided to check out the scene, as it were.

I was shocked to discover that two of my beloved bands from high school would be playing at the very same House of Blues.  Jack's Mannequin and Matt Nathanson: a 14 year old emo-girl's dream come true.

I was equally shocked to discover that tickets for this nostaligia trip were going to cost me $35 a piece.  It was going to be hard enough to convince someone to join me for this guilty pleasure concert, I knew the price tag made it impossible and abandoned the idea.

Last night, I realized that for the price of the "convenience fee" on one ticket, I could buy the latest (...from 2007) Matt Nathanson album to supplement my collection.  

For a mere $7.99, I was able to download the album and rock out to my emo heart's content.  Wonderful.

At least, it was wonderful.  

When I attempted to add the newest album to my iPod Shuffle, it seemed perpetually syncing.  I ejected and tried again.  Everything seemed to work; all the songs showed up this time.  I called it a night.

Up and at em this morning, got everything together, grabbed my Shuffle and I'm ready to hit the gym.  I skip through a bunch of tracks trying to get to my new album.  I caught an "L" track (Little Jackie, maybe? or Lucky Boys Confusion?), switched it out of shuffle mode and clicked through to the M's.

Only there were no M's.

Before I knew it I was listening to "The King of Carrot Flowers".

I clicked back and forth in disbelief.  How could this be? In a fit of nostalgia, I had added every single Matt Nathanson track I own onto my Shuffle.  A few choice tracks by the talented Messrs. Vanderslice and Darnielle should have rounded out the M's nicely (e.g. This Year)

My iPod Shuffle is either protesting my music taste, or the letter M.

Or you know, Apple is trying to force me to update my hardware.  

I'd consider it if they'd consider making earbuds that don't suck.


Darius Kazemi said...

Hm, except Mountain Goats is John Darnielle. John Vanderslice is his producer (though he is also very talented).

the queen of awkward said...

Ohhh, so this is why people moderate comments on their blogs. =P

Seriously though, there are just too many Johns.

Darius Kazemi said...

Well it's totally h3rbal v!agra understandable, John Cana da f4rmacy Vanderslice's solo albums are among my gr0w BIG 1nat uraaal favorite records.