24 March 2009

You can't text message break up

My commute from Davis Square to Park Street took about an hour this morning.  

For those of you unfamiliar with the route, that's six stops on Boston's Red Line.  The MBTA calculates this should take about 15 minutes.  

No joke:

While I've never had it go quite that well, 10 minutes per stop was a bit excessive.

I got on the T this morning with what seemed like a thousand of my closest-Davis Square friends.  There were so many of us that by the time the train reached Porter, no one could even get on.  Lots of grumbling and unhappy faces on the platform, but they'd be laughing all the way to the bank in a few minutes.

We spent a decent amount of time in the tunnel between Harvard and Central before the T conductor (operator? driver? what do we call these people?) announced that our train was experiencing mechanical problems and would be disabled at Central.  This proved to be a bit problematic because there were already quite a few people in Central Square waiting for the T and the platform did not have much room.

Never a big fan of crowds, I made a beeline (oh, the puns...) for the wall and assessed my options.  I could:
  • Wait.  
  • Venture above ground, hop on the 1 bus and take the Green Line from Hynes. 
  • Scare up some breakfast in Central Square and return to the T station after the situation sorted itself out.
Naturally, I decided to wait.

I took out my phone to entertain myself and suddenly remembered that my phone has a camera.  I know, it's almost hard to believe I work in social media.

Feeling extra passive-aggressive, I took this picture: 

and sent it to twitter via TwitPic:

Satisfied that the world now knew of my misery, I focused on not having a panic attack and finding the best place to stand so as to actually get a spot on one of the next trains.

Success was mine by the time the third train came through the station and we zipped along towards Kendall Square.  

The rest of the commute was largely uneventful, though I fear I may have made a fellow passenger extremely uncomfortable when I reached around him to hold onto the frame of the door while we crossed the Longfellow bridge.  

In my heightened state of awareness to the T's problems, I became concerned about the possibility that the "Do Not Lean On Doors" signage actually meant something.  Namely, that the doors might open in transit.

Fortunately, the doors held and I arrived at work to find that my photo (and annoyed tweet) were being featured on UniversalHub.

I feel as though I have transitioned.  Instead of using my twitter account solely for snarky comments about the Downtown Crossing Partnership, I am now a Citizen Journalist.

Now, if only I could figure out how to use twitter to make citizen's arrests, I think I'll be all set. 

Oh, and I know it's ridiculous to try and break up with the T.  What are my alternatives?  It's not like I'm actually going to learn how to ride a bike.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Too Funny (about being published, not the train). Sorry you had to go through all that. Makes working at home while dodging a 4 year old seem like childs play.

the queen of awkward said...

Oh, I don't know about that! At least I had my iPod and could just shut everything else out--probably not recommended when dealing with four year olds!

Adam Gaffin said...

Thanks for the photo - sorry for the reason you had to take it, though.

To make it even more fun, for some reason the Globe actually wrote a short story about your train and pointed to my post - which I found out about when I read somebody's tweet about it (and so the circle of life is complete, or rather, would be if I then wrote a post about the Globe story about my post about your tweet).

Patrick said...

Help is on the way! I heard that the T held a bake sale to pay off their debts. http://gawker.com/5167088/neighbors-in-the-north-going-south#c11246853

the queen of awkward said...

@Adam: Thanks for stopping by! I think you're right to call the circle complete, lest we give ourselves a headache.

@Patrick: I almost went to that! I do love me some baked goods. And public transit.